Good is Evol

If you’re gonna turn the world upside-down, be prepared to walk on the ceiling

With most things in life, there's a hard and fast rule: Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

So “making it happen” generally translates to working your ass off. But if you overturn the status quo, life can get wonderfully weird in a hurry. When mouthwatering amalgams of thoughtfully sourced chicken and beef, beans, vegetables, and authentic, flavorful sauces can emerge from a garden-variety microwave oven, who’s to say what’s what? Up is down. Down is up. Frozen food is forward thinking. And good is Evol.

When did frozen food stop having food as an ingredient?

Nowadays, most packaging in the frozen food section reads like the periodic table of elements. That might be OK if we were all a bunch of science wizards. But the last time we checked, chemistry teachers were still grading on a curve. Food should make up the majority of what you’re eating—stuff like antibiotic-free meat, vegetables, spices, and whole grains. The kind of food your grandparents grew right in their own backyard. We’re pretty sure they didn’t raise modified chicken powder or plant rows of partially hydrogenated soybeans. When you pick up our bean, rice, and cheddar burrito, it will actually have beans, rice, and cheddar inside. That’s the least we can do.

Food should have food in it

If it were up to us, we’d freeze everything.

Because freezing is amazing! But somewhere along the way, frozen food got a bad name. Maybe when people started freezing batteries, pantyhose, and disturbingly symmetrical “Salisbury steaks.” Well, freezing is still awesome for preserving perishable foods. So, we’re making it cool again by freezing fresh, simple ingredients in order for busy people to eat better, healthier food whenever they want. Oh, if you’re wondering who the old guy is, that’s Bredo Morstoel. He’s been frozen solid in a shed outside Nederland, Colorado, since about 1993. And we’re pretty sure he’s gonna be awesome when he thaws out. Bredo. Burrito. Coincidence? We think not.

For decades, this little box was a godsend, heating up our food in a matter of seconds.

Then some hotshot trying to make a name for himself installed a wood-fired oven in his restaurant and set us back a million years. Today, it’s not enough to heat up food. Fire has to scorch the bottom of it in order for people to believe it’s good. Sure, fire is great if you’re at the Renaissance Festival tossing back your third giant turkey leg. But no one is going to use fire to heat up a quick meal. “Oh, sorry Bob. I can’t make the 1 o’clock meeting. I can’t leave my fire unattended.” The microwave is still the fastest way to cook food. And if you put something good inside of it, chances are, whatever comes out will be good, too. Just a lot warmer.
All hail the science oven!

All hail the science oven!

Good is Evol